Casa Muriel Retirement Home

A home environment, vibrant lifestyle, and compassionate care for our senior community.

Casa Muriel – Senior Living Residence in Antigua

Casa Muriel is an independent and assisted living residence for seniors in Antigua Guatemala. An active retirement community with all the services of a comfortable private home, plus nursing care and activities to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. Our goal is for every resident of Casa Muriel to say,
"What a relief! I don’t have to worry about that anymore.”

Activities and Social Life - Guatemala Retirement

Rooms & Studios Available Now

The home is open and accepting new residents now for 2023. We offer spacious rooms, delicious meals, and personalized attention for independent or fully assisted senior adults. Engaging activities rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. Come visit us for a tour. We would love to meet you.

All the elements of a healthy, satisfying lifestyle will be provided for our residents and full-day members while maintaining their independence and freedom to do what they want. Some residents enjoy lively personal interactions and good humor among friends, while others prefer to savor quiet time at home or in the lush gardens.

The Casa Muriel Lifestyle

Casa Muriel nurses and assistants, attentive personal care
Our Nurses
University trained RN’s and local certified nurse assistants offer medical advice and hands-on attention every day, to assure your well-being, dignity, and peace of mind.
OUR-RESIDENTS-friends at Guatemala Retirement
Our Residents
With family and friends in Guatemala and other countries, our residents have experienced a lifetime of working, sharing, and contributing to Guatemala. This is their home, and now they deserve our helping hands.
Casa Muriel, Luxury assisted living home in Antigua
Our Home
Casa Muriel is a luxury home with five bedroom/studios, located in a serene residential community two kilometers south of Antigua’s parque central. Safety and mobility features assure comfort, confidence, and freedom.
Assisted Living
Social Events
Holidays, birthdays and weekends are occasions for celebration, so invite your friends to parties, dances, concerts and card games. Make this day a source of joy and appreciation.
Cocinera at Casa Muriel kitchen
Excellent Meals
Breakfast buffet, family-style meals and healthy snacks are prepared and served by restaurant professionals in our kitchen and with herbs and vegetables from our organic garden.
Walking in nature Antigua Guatemala, Casa Muriel
Physical Activity
Get the blood flowing to initiate healing and to keep your mind and body active every day. From tai chi and yoga to cardio and zumba, we’ll help you reach your fitness goals.
Senior Living
Spiritual Reflection
Participate in services, traditions and meditation with the community of your chosen faith. Unitarian, Jewish, Buddhist, Mayan, Pagan, Christian, and all spiritual groups are invited.
Retirement Home
Learning & Growing
Classes and informal groups are scheduled every day, to discuss photography, sailing, pets, books, international travel, etc. Unlimited topics to initiate friendships and learning.
Senior Citizens
Community Interaction
Family, friends, travelers and neighbors are invited to visit with our residents (with strict Covid protocols) to interact and learn from each other. Meals, computer classes, storytelling and exercise are more fun to experience together.
Senior Care Services
Medical Providers
Through our collaboration with Guatemala Medical Travel, Casa Muriel provides check-ups, vaccines, labs, therapy sessions, and global quality procedures in all specialties.
Senior Care Home
Legal & Financial
It’s important to keep your immigration status, legal, and banking requirements up to date. Rules change and you could be vulnerable. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of that for you.
Senior Housing
Safety & Security
Your physical comfort and safety are primary. We discuss long- and short-term goals for your medical care, and your family is encouraged to communicate and participate.
Guatemala Retirement - A Spacious and Tranquil Private Home
The Gardens
We are cultivating nourishment for our friends and pride in our harvest. Organic vegetables, fresh herbs and mature fruit trees are right there by the kitchen of our home.
Activities For Seniors
Pet Therapy
Well-behaved cats and dogs are part of our family at Casa Muriel. Purring, petting, and cuddling reduce blood pressure, and there is plenty of unconditional love for everyone
Home Care Services For Elderly
Medical Insurance
Are you happy with the medical insurance coverage you have now? Let’s work together with reliable agents to find the plan that’s best for you, right now, before you need it.
Affordable Elderly Care
Guatemalan transportation services are friendly, safe, prompt, and economical. Your favorite taxi and shuttle drivers spend the time to make the journey a pleasure.

Casa Muriel, Phase II

New construction of the 30-unit Casa Muriel assisted living senior center will include all the architectural design elements to keep older folks mobile and confident while loved ones enjoy the peace of mind for their safety, comfort, and social activity.

Residential Senior Living