Our Place in the Community

At Casa Muriel, we dispel the image of institutions and envision a viable and enriching community-based alternative for seniors. Throughout our Antigua ex-pat group, children have the International and Green Schools, business owners depend on our patronage for decades, and families expand and prosper. Yet, the older folks are out there on their own, maybe isolated and unsure, when a well-managed social and medical facility can get them back in the swing of things, the way they used to be.
Living alone does not always equate to being independent; it could just mean that you have to work harder to initiate personal interactions. Our goal is to normalize the entire lifespan with community-wide social events, instead of separating and alienating the older third to fit into pre-conceived attitudes of the last century.

Visit Casa Muriel and Meet the Staff

Think of a vacation resort with meals, activities, transportation, and attentive daily personal and nursing care included. “Country Club” full-day memberships allow you to enjoy meals, classes, movies, card games, wellness checks, and afternoon social hour before returning to your home in the evening.

Short-term residential rentals are available, or move in and call Our Casa, su Casa. Ask about special packages & long-term discounts.

Guatemala Retirement - Community Interaction

Activities, Discussions and Classes

Guatemala Retirement
Social engagement and community interaction keep our brains active and rejuvenated, constantly processing new skills and ideas. Casa Muriel will have interesting activities scheduled every day for our residents and their friends and neighbors.
Local celebrities will be invited to discuss their art and techniques at the Casa Muriel community center. Musicians, sailors, weavers, and archaeologists can offer expert-level knowledge and decades of experience to stimulate the conversation.

Music – Everyone Can Join In

The melody and lyrics of our celebrations, traditions, and social events evoke toe-tapping memories and a smile of recognition that invite the whole group to join in.
The SPICE of life is Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural and Emotional, and music enhances every aspect of that life. Casa Muriel will provide engaged elders with an environment of creativity by organizing in-house musical events and group trips to public concerts.