Casa Muriel, inspired by my mom Muriel Shea (b. 1926- ), is taking shape as an Antigua-based cooperative senior living center with daily personal assistance, medical attention, and all the comforts of living in a fully appointed home. Sharing services and expenses makes economic sense and participating in daily scheduled social events keeps us actively engaged in a vital community.

Background & Concept

From December 2018 to February 2020 I spent nearly every day, including a month of 24/7 day & night care, with my mother in her independent, then assisted living, then rehabilitation centers. Mom’s spirit was always upbeat, and she developed cordial friendships, but then we had to make decisions about dementia and nursing care that would maintain her dignity and personal comfort.

From art classes and physical therapy to hospital admissions and advance directives, I was there by her side, listening, discussing, reading and learning everything possible about the ways we could enhance her quality of life, from the no-nonsense senior care professionals.
I think we can duplicate that high-quality low-stress senior lifestyle that my mother enjoyed, here in La Antigua Guatemala, but with volcano views and tropical gardens.

Warm regards,
Lori & Muriel

Casa Muriel Management Staff

Lori Shea, General Manager

Lori Shea is originally from the Connecticut shoreline and Block Island, RI. After college studies in Mexico, Washington DC and Miami, she was providing consulting, accounting, sales and marketing services to the hospitality industry in Miami Beach and Key West until the early 2000’s.

Lori first arrived in Rio Dulce Guatemala aboard a sailboat in 2005, and started Guatemala Medical Travel in 2009 providing high quality surgical and dental procedures at reasonable prices for foreigners. The affordable health care concept has evolved into Casa Muriel Communal Retirement Home, opening in 2021 in La Antigua, Guatemala. Email to: L.Shea @

Elisa Marmol, Administration

Elisa moved from Guatemala City to Antigua in 2012, to apply her business education to the hospitality and tourism industry in one of the most popular tourist destinations in Guatemala.

Elisa has been a great asset in every aspect of business management in some of the best restaurants in Antigua. Beyond ensuring a superior customer service experience, we depend on her to oversee building renovations and compliance, as well as back-office procedures and accountability. Email to: E.Marmol @

Karin Rudberg, R.N., Nursing Director

Karin grew up in Sweden and earned her nursing degree there in 2010. She attended specialized university programs in Nicaragua and Africa, which lead to work in the field of global health, and then a master’s degree in International Public Health.

Nursing specialization in geriatrics, cardiology, and orthopedics in Europe gave Karin the skills and experience to accurately care for elderly residents and to train the Casa Muriel nurses to the highest standards. Karin’s devotion to preventive health and nutrition is evident through her participation in her family business, Caoba Organic Farms in Antigua, Guatemala. Email to: K.Rudberg @

Jade Parker-Manderson de Bauer, R.N., Nursing Consultant

Jade is originally from Australia where she was a university level instructor in nursing, public health, pediatrics, and first aid. She travelled the world with various international health organizations providing medical attention to underserved rural areas, and then settled in Guatemala in 2015.
Jade lives with her husband and daughter in Guatemala City, and stays busy as director of nursing of Nursing Heart, Inc and Baby Steps first aid training. We are grateful to have Jade as an advisor and contributor to both Guatemala Medical Travel and the Casa Muriel Senior Home.

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