Staying Safe, Protecting Loved Ones

Guatemala Retirement - Health & Well-Being

At Casa Muriel and G.M.T. , the residents, clients, and entire staff are vaccinated against Covid-19, including nurse assistants and kitchen employees. For a medical vacation, long term residence, or temporary nursing attention, we follow all the globally mandated precautions to keep our surroundings safe and secure.

A Healthy Lifestyle Starts with Quality Food

With natural ingredients and loving preparation, Casa Muriel provides meals, social events, and dinner conversation that you can’t get when you are living alone.

Wake up to your favorite foods and beverages, and enjoy what you like to eat during the day. Menus are planned with the preferences of each individual resident in mind.

Guatemala Retirement - Health & Well-Being

Guatemala Gardens Nurture the Body and Soul

In our elder years, we need more calcium, fiber, magnesium and antioxidants. Fortunately, all the fruits and veggies that keep us functioning at optimum performance grow like crazy all year here in Guatemala: tomatoes, papaya, carrots, berries, avocado, and pineapple, to name a few. Casa Muriel will have a carefully planned organic garden with professional gardeners, for those who love working with the soil and cultivating a harvest for our table.

Gardening at home nurtures emotional well-being and personal satisfaction in the nutritional results. Studies by the Princeton Environmental Institute, Sowing Seeds of Happiness and Landscape and Urban Planning explore how caring for plants at home can positively affect your mood and happiness

Guatemala Retirement - gardens_with_boots

Loneliness Causes Illness – We have the Cure

Human beings are social creatures, and the aging process should not be an isolated journey. There is an epidemic of loneliness among older adults, according to the NY Times. We discuss this silent disease in medical terminology because researchers have determined that living alone without conversation and physical interaction can be more detrimental to your overall health than smoking or obesity.
The prescribed medication: Take a walk with a friend. Sounds unbelievable?
Easy as that: Months and years of quality added to your life.

Health and Well-Being

Physical activity and a healthy diet of natural foods are the first steps maintaining flexibility and stamina. When you need extra attention, skilled nursing care and personal assistance is on-site 24/7, right down the hall from you in the nursing center.
Through our affiliation with Guatemala Medical Travel, Casa Muriel offers VIP medical procedures with some of the best providers in Guatemala, in dozens of specialties.

Music – The Universal Therapy

The melody and lyrics of our celebrations, traditions, and social events evoke toe-tapping memories and a smile of recognition that invite the whole group to join in.
The SPICE of life is Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Cultural and Emotional, and music enhances every aspect of that life. Casa Muriel will provide engaged elders with an environment of creativity by organizing in-house musical events and group trips to public concerts.

Activities, Discussions and Classes

Social engagement and community interaction keep our brains active and rejuvenated, constantly processing new skills and ideas. Casa Muriel will have interesting activities scheduled every day for our residents and their friends and neighbors. Local celebrities will be invited to discuss their art and techniques at the Casa Muriel community center. Musicians, sailors, weavers, artists and archaeologists can offer expert-level knowledge and decades of experience to stimulate the conversation.

Assisted Living in Antigua

The need is obvious, for an assisted living, elderly care home or senior health resource center in or around Antigua. We have all seen friends and neighbors search for post-operative attention or specialized nursing care for a particular issue or various ailments. Sometimes isolation, vulnerability and chronic pain cause a different set of problems.
Imagine if all the attention these patients needed were available in a comfortable cooperative home in Antigua. In addition, those residents would enjoy an enhanced quality of life without the stress of cooking, cleaning, paying bills, staying safe, and finding reliable transportation and medical care.