A Spacious and Tranquil Private Home

Guatemala Retirement

Casa Muriel is a luxury home in serene and protected community two miles (3 km) south of the Parque Central of Antigua Guatemala. From majestic westerly views of the sunset and volcanos to the serene secret garden for meditation, residents will find true relaxation by nurturing the mind and body and spirit.

Membership: We welcome elder neighbors to join our daily activities – meals, classes, events, and shows – as members of our senior home community.

Reliable High-speed Internet

At Casa Muriel, your video chats with the grandchildren or streaming movies will never be interrupted or diminished. Every bedroom or studio has its own dedicated high-speed internet router, not shared with the other rooms or the home theater. Constant communication and reliable entertainment are all included.

Guatemala Retirement

How Much Does Luxury Assisted Living Cost?

Guatemala Retirement

We’re glad you asked, because just like medical and dental procedures, elderly care expenses in Guatemala are generally about 25-35% of the price you might pay in the United States, for the same level of world-class A+ quality.

Think of a vacation resort with a private studio, delicious meals, scheduled activities, transportation, and 24-hour on-site management included. Monthly rates start at $1500. Scheduled caregivers, personal attention, or overnight nursing is available at additional cost. Decide with your doctor and family what will make you most comfortable, then pay only for what you need.

Activities and Social Life

Casa Muriel is a productive community home for active elders, both residents and daily visitors. We share classes, meals, music, exercise and activities because meaningful relationships and good humor cure loneliness, the primary cause of aging.

A Comfortable Home - Guatemala Retirement
A Comfortable Home - Health & Well-Being

The kitchen activity center is the heartbeat of the home. The versatile communal dining and meeting space could have a watercolor class, birthday brunch, baking session, bridge game, book discussion, or musical performance at any time of day.

Guatemala Gardens Nurture the Body and Soul

In our elder years, we need more calcium, fiber, magnesium and antioxidants. Fortunately, all the fruits and veggies that keep us functioning at optimum performance grow like crazy all year here in Guatemala: tomatoes, papaya, carrots, berries, avocado, and pineapple, to name a few. Casa Muriel will have a carefully planned organic garden with professional gardeners, for residents who love working with the soil and cultivating a harvest for our table.
Guatemala Retirement - gardens_with_boots

Gardening at home nurtures emotional well-being and personal satisfaction in the nutritional results. Studies by the Princeton Environmental Institute, Sowing Seeds of Happiness, and Landscape and Urban Planning explore how caring for plants at home can positively affect your mood and happiness.

The Positive Aging Movement

In recent years, the generation of people over 70 are expecting more, and doing more in regard to improving their quality of life for the next 20+ years. As a communal residence, Casa Muriel will focus on all the positive aspects of aging by maintaining physical and intellectual activity, cultivating a serene outlook, and celebrating good humor among friends.

We believe that having a solid sense of community and participating in social events, in addition to having a helping hand from our staff, will give our residents the independence they want, and the confidence to expand horizons to their greatest potential.

Changes are inevitable, but we can manage them together with our trusted professional advisors, economically and effectively. Growing older is a blessing, and not so scary after all.