Our Mission

It is our mission to create the Casa Muriel senior living center as a comfortable home, with all the elements of a healthy, satisfying lifestyle provided for our residents while maintaining their independence and freedom to choose.
We believe that having a solid sense of community and a helping hand from our nursing staff will give our residents the independence they want, and the confidence to expand horizons to their greatest potential.

An Integral Part of Our City

Casa Muriel Retirement Center is not just another resort or real estate venture. It will be a reliable social institution in Antigua Guatemala, trusted to care for family and friends when they need extra personal attention for many years to come.
The Antigua international community has so many social outlets, educational groups, and hospitality venues, but curiously, no senior center or long-term care home for the elderly. We need to start this business as a social institution in our city and create more residential and medical assistance options for our friends in Guatemala.

The First Steps

Casa Muriel Phase One will open to six senior residents in Antigua Guatemala in the Spring of 2021, to lay the groundwork for the larger multi-faceted Phase Two project, a 40-unit elderly care facility yet to be built.
Casa Muriel planning sessions are moving forward quickly, with the partnership between doctors, nurses, financial managers, hospitality professionals, and the architect who will design our communal retirement center for the ultimate in comfort, well-being, serenity, and social interaction.

Open Floor Plan, Open Minds, Open to New Ideas

The conceptual plan for Casa Muriel Senior Home – Phase Two – is unique, precise, and engaging, but we’re still searching for investment partners and the perfect building location. To build a successful cooperative home, community center and medical facility, we must work together.
New construction of the Casa Muriel assisted living senior care center will include all the design elements that keep older folks mobile and confident, while loved ones enjoy peace of mind for their safety, comfort, and social activities.

Investment Opportunities in a Fast-Growing Market

Investing in a high-demand industry with a substantially growing market is not only a smart financial move, but the right thing to do for our community.
Individuals and businesses recognize the investment value in Casa Muriel because we are personally familiar with our older neighbors who will benefit from our multi-faceted senior center:
Investors, shareholders, sponsors, partners and participants are all welcome to discuss how they might find an opportunity for development together with our Antigua ex-pats cooperative project.

Securing Value in Your Own Future

Elderly activists in the ex-pat community envision a safe and intellectually satisfying home for the senior members of the group, but we still need to secure reliable financial capital to get started.
Choose an investment option that encourages you to participate in decisions that will improve your home environment and lifestyle. Our financial projections for Casa Muriel anticipate regular returns and establish a healthy long-term growth opportunity for residents and partners. A win/win for everyone.

Long-Term Goals for Casa Muriel

Casa Muriel can qualify as a success when foreign residents living in Guatemala City, Antigua, Lago de Atitlan, and Rio Dulce view our adult community home as a source of comfort, social interaction, and physical well-being, thus a reliable destination for their own future, for temporary nursing care or as a long-term residence.
Our goal is that every resident can say, “What a relief. I don’t have to worry about that anymore.”