Who are Our Residents at Casa Muriel?

Guatemala Retirement - Our Residents
They are the Woodstock generation: the census boomers, the rock and rollers, technology innovators, activists, educators, champions, trend setters, lovers, healers, and world travelers. Our community attracts the thinkers, doers and givers who gave rise to the next impassioned generation, and then another after that.
For a hundred different reasons, these travelers settled here, to their homes in Guatemala City, Antigua, Lago de Atitlan and Rio Dulce, and they trust our adult community home as a source of comfort, social activity and physical well-being. Casa Muriel could be a reliable destination for their own future, for temporary nursing care or as a long-term residence. We believe that with a helping hand and some personal attention they will be back in the swing of things, just like before.
For our residents at Casa Muriel, the passion remains the same, but the focus has changed. (No, seriously… Where are my reading glasses?)

1960’s Counterculture >> 2020’s Elder Culture

The idealism of young people coming of age in the 1960’s radically transformed the establishment status quo. They were passionate for human rights, peace, and equality, and essentially reinventing what it means to be a young adult.
These days, we are in the midst of an aging revolution where older citizens are living about 30 years longer than their grandparents did, so they are transforming society all over again. The psychological shift of our generation is overturning the social order, then reemerging with mature idealism, and reinventing what it means to become an elder.
Guatemala Retirement - Our Residents

Not Your Parent’s Retirement Home

Casa Muriel residents will be exploring Guatemalan folkloric and trova songs, search engine efficiency, and mind-expanding musical options, together with curious young adults who crave the perspective of their experience. For past generations of retirement homes, bingo, card games and shuffleboard were the standard, but it’s a whole new multi-cultural dance-inspired world out there now.

“Third Age” Cultural Icons Shattering Expectations

If you need more proof, just look at the headlines. The “over 70” crowd is dominating the pop culture news…

A Communal Culture of Caring

A Comfortable Home -
Casa Muriel is a safe haven and comfortable home for older folks with shared values of curiosity, humor, charity and responsibility. With a lifetime of experience, we understand that societies thrive and prosper when every member applies individual strengths to cooperate as a cohesive group.
In these days of social turbulence, experts note that we are naturally inclined toward “prosocial behavior” — checking in on neighbors, showing up to help, caring for the needy, and cooking for friends. The Casa Muriel community center is the perfect oasis to make plans with our neighbors, creating our own memories and traditions.